About me

Photography. Profession and hobby.

I got my first camera in my childhood for one Christmas, or perhaps one of my birthdays. It was a Soviet-made CMEHA machine, still in use today, not for recording, but for decoration. I remember always taking care of the film roll with great care and then setting the different values - like distance or light. Maybe it all started here. Love for photography.

The photographer is working with light. You can take photos with light and essay.

Martin Szipal

While I was hunting for the captured moments, I am now consciously photographing through what I have learned and experience. In the acquisition of all these, I was very much assisted by photographer Mihály Rostásy Szabó, photographer László Kiss and photographer Martin Szipál. I feel lucky because I can do what I love today. Photography is now not only a hobby, but also a profession in my life.